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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 19, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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burg edfrksic rgned 80wlan ne76 that's the warm as the entire morning. sticky out there. we may see one or two showers in the noon hour but this afternoon as has a better chance of more thunderstorms hot and sticky. highs around 90 give or take a couple of degrees. right now 78. it is 6:00 and time for traffic. good morning. it is wednesday. we have made it half way through workweek. we will help you through the rest. the situation in germantown on northbound ridge road. you can see it is pushed off here. it is blocking all lanes at brink road. you want to definitely consider another alternative. we will keep you posted. to the outer loop a good amount of volume. no incidents on the way. turning on the realtime graphics. route 4, route 5, 301, crane highway. no accidents to report on these
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rods -- roads right now. an eastbound trip on 66 in virginia. looks like things are slowing down around 50 but okay approaching the capital beltway. and finally let's call it a wrap with 95 heading northbound in virginia. we are dealing with one delay stretching from the prince william parkway over to lorton. now, over to andy. at one past the hour, a rough economic time is getting worse for prince georges county. the furlough plan has been ruled unconstitutional and could have to pay back wages. >> armando trull suicide live in palmer park with the story. it's millions of dollars in back pages and the reaction from the department is a good one. they furloughed 5900 workers last year including firefighters, police officer and other employees protected by union contracts. the county, facing a huge budget deficit, told unions to choose between ten days of furloughs or permanent layoffs.
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>> we see it as unnecessary. we see excess undesignated funds and funds this the coffers. >> reporter: they said there where were other ways to prince georges to save money without breaking contractual obligation. on tuesday the federal judge agreed ruling the furloughs violated the institution by rendering contracts meaningless. prince georges county called judge william's cion irresponsible saying it will appeal. otherwise to comply with the court's decision we will have massive layoffs. prince georges county was considering another round of layoffs this year. it is unclear if that will be put off because of a court reese ruling and unclear whether the ruling will have an impact on other jurisdictions that are considering furloughs to balance their budgets.
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armando trull for 9 news now and in the last 12 hours this has been a top story at one writes -- get your thoughts heard the story son the front page of metro's trains will run in manual mode for the foreseeable future. they have been running that way since the june 22nd crash that killed nine people. metro manager says that trains will not return to automatic mode until problems related to that crash are fixed. metro repair crews are fixed a crack rail on the system's red
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line. it was discovered yesterday between the friendship heights and bethesda station. an inspector walking the tracks saw it. after single tracking it is back to normal this morning. two virginia transit agencies are getting money to help your commute. the vre is getting $9.8 million which will go to buying locomotives and the prtc is getting $3.9 million. that will add two deuces to the fleet which goes from prince william county to the district each day. trying to push through his health care reform plan, president obama is trying to mend fences not across the aisle but within his own party. the "washington post" reports the president was caught off guard by dissent among moderate and liberal democrats. robert gibbs says the president will push on with his plan. >> he cannot envision a scenario in which we live with anything that doesn't provide choice and competition in a private insurance market that
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allows people to get the best deal possible on both the price and quality if they enter a private health insurance market. >> reporter: people are still flocking to town hall meetings about health care. 2800 showed up last night in washington state for one hosted by democratic congressman brian baird. new this morning an american freed from myanmar is finally on his way home. this is new video in to the information center of john yvetta he left thailand on the way home to missouri. he was in prison in myanmar after making an unauthorized visit to the home of a democracy activist. his release was secured over the weekend by virginia senator jim webb. a special living smart report. jessica doyle is showing us a new way that stores are pitching sales to you. >> good morning. >> this is like right out of a sci-fi movie. you walk by a business and it
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instantly sends you messages about deals inside. if that is the future, the future is already here. >> reporter: stores tracking your location, using gps to offer you deals at nearby shops. >> you could use a guinness about now. >> the gap is taking a page from the futuristic movie. >> welcome back to the gap. >> reporter: a new iphone app lets you know about discounts when you walk by a store like 20% off of jeans. the style mixer app lets you pick out outfit and lets friends weigh in on how they look in realtime on facebook. >> the notion of social shopping meaning i can get instant comments back from my friends. >> tina with the san francisco marketing firm akqa has been using such technology for sales since 2005. and sees tremendous possibilities for the phone you carry now. >> you go to the next step of
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like japanese people already do. they pay with it, swipe it and pay with it. they open their apartment doors with it. they start their cars with it. and i think it is what the future will be. >> reporter: now the gap released the new iphone style mixer in tandem with the 1969 premium jeans line both honoring the store's 40th anniversary. 40 years of falling in to the gap. >> sounds a little scary but exciting in a way. >> pretty cool. >> thank you. you are welcome. maryland delegate john cardin has a lot of explaining to do. he admits to using police officers and helicopter units to stage a fake raid. why would he do that? well, to create a diversion, all part of an intricate plan to propose to his girlfriend. at first the august 7th proposal was paid for by taxpayers. the baltimore county democrat says he will foot the bill and he has apologized to state
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leaders on his website. by the way his girlfriend is now his fiance. she said yes. it is seven after the hour. in ten minutes why the do-not- call do-not-call list isn't stopping scammers from targeting you and hero centralup date. recognition for a local boys and girls club. right now we focus on maryland's traffic an weather. here's howard. you are in for a steamy sticky morning out there. we had thunderstorms yesterday but quiet except for the thick air outside. let's talk temperatures which are running in the 70s r nac80ea s.eain in facin near 80 in southern ndmaryla f right now. we have 78 at the naryval var station patuxent river. 73 frederick and gaithersburg 70. a mile and a half visible and some fop. upper 80s about around 90. watch for thunderstorms this afternoon. angie, take it away. >> thank you so much, hoe we. in germantown we have an accident on northbound ridge road at brink road.
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it is blocking all lanes. this is in the area. so that is why you see traffic getting by. in bethesda, at river road, very light volume. no problems to report and finally take a quick glance at 50 westbound from the bay bridge to the beltway. nothing but green cars. drivers are moving at a great pace. as you head out the door, think of giving more than you are asked to give. best-selling author and motivational speaker will he jolly explains how it will open the doors of opportunity. >> reporter: this is willie jolliment i want to share a simple idea to help you live better and have greater success in your personal and professional endeavors it is making a commitment to pursue excellence each and every day. excellence is always the best security. in times of down sizing, right sizing, human engineering and people laying off and getting laid off, excellence is a way
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to create a reputation for you to stay employed. now, you can't control, no one can control, i can't control if you are going to stay in your present job but if you have a reputation for excellence, someone is always waiting for you to become available and that is why i encourage you to pursue excellence and develop excellence. do more than you are paid to do. do more than you are paid to give and go further than you are paid to go. you will find when opportunities are available they will be looking for you. visit my website at willie for free motivation and make each and every minute count. b@
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a look at some of the things happening today. students from georgetown will ring the opening bell on nasdaq. this afternoon , president obama welcomes jimmie johnson 0 the white house. he was last year's sprint cup champion and cavalia raises the huge tent in pentagon city. the shows begin on september 11th and we will talk about it on 9 news at 9:00 a.m. time for today's hero central report. this morning we focus on local volunteers helping their community eat and look better. dozens of children from alexandria's boys and girls club teamed up with volunteers from the state department to build a new garden. it will grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flower and it will stay in alexandria
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helping residents to eat hem thinker home grown foods. the mayor says this is a huge community effort. >> this is something that just doesn't happen. it is a commute wide partnership. >> the alexandria olympic boys and girls club has been named the first promise place in northern virginia. the first place recognized as one in our region by the america's promise alliance. that's the group found by former secretary of state colin powell and his wife. don't forget to visit the hero central page at whether you are in need of help or trying to find a place to volunteer. and if you want to spotlight someone, send us an e-mail, the address is it is 6:13 this wednesday morning. here's what is in the news now. there are threats of violence this morning in afghanistan. 24 hours before voters head to the polls there.
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the taliban claims that it sent suicide bombers in to kabul but that claim has not been confirmed. syndicated conservative columnist robert novak has died. he had brain cancer. he is also known for appearing on cnn's original version of cross fire and publishing the name of under cover cia operative valerie plame. look at this. this is what hurricane bill looks like from space. the storm is in the atlantic in the last 90 minutes it turned in to a category four hurricane. howard, how high are the winds for category four. >> 135 is where it is now. it has to get to 156 to be a category five storm. when we think of that we think of andrew in ' 92 which had 165. they reclassified it after the fact. and then you go to camille, for example, and in 1969 with 190- mile an hour winds when that
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came ashore being the mother of all storms. this form looks like it will stay out to sea and we will talk about that in a moment. the forecast for today, a sticky day and we will have more storms and remember, you can track the storms on and doppler doppler 9000. and interactive radar. ways to stay up on the weather when we are not bringing it to you live on 9 news now. a muggy morning out there with a patch or two of fog but hazy and sticky. 70s and 80s in a couple of spots. in the 80s quickly this morning with light southwesterly winds. partly sunny, hot, humid, scattered thunderstorms. around 90 give or take a couple of degrees depending on how much sunshine we see today. a chance of an evening shower or storm tonight. lows in the 70s. yesterday, showers are now along the coast and pulling away. a lot of moisture to the ohio
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valley, tennessee valley and it continues to come this way. a front is coming our way. giving us chances of rain the next couple of days. the sun is coming up shortly. temperatures in the 70s at reagan national. 77. winds not helping and the dew point is in the 70s. got that real tropical feel to the air. 78 at the naval air station pa tux sen river. saint indigos 73. fredericksburg cooling off 79 and 73 frederick, 72 martinsburg and culpeper and manassas at 73. talk about hurricane bill. an awesome looking storm on the satellite and the good news is that bill will stay away from the islands but you see the well-defined eye. the red is indicative of the cloud top wraps an the center of circulation. the winds up to 135 miles an hour gusting to 160. moving west northwest and the turnpike from the hurricane center, much of the computer
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guidance indicating that bill will be a strong storm through friday morning. 140-mile an hour sustained winds and could be stronger than that. as it moves to thing it will -- atlantic it will cool off. or the waters will cool off and i will show you the long term track of bill. should take it west of bermuda and maybe clipping the canadian maritimes here. for us, this will churn up the surf. potential rip tides at the beaches. here's the seven-day forecast. 90 is the next three days with an afternoon and evening thunderstorm and by sunday, monday and tuesday, real nice, cool, drier and temperatures in the 80s. here's the traffic with angie. >> good morning, angie. 17 minutes after the 6:00 hour. traffic in germantown. we have an accident northbound on ridge road and brink road continues to block all lanes. moving the shot to 270 southbound. we have volume building between
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germantown and i-370. over on virginia side of things, 395 heading northbound. that delay stretches from duke to seminary and then a report of an accident, this is in northwest dc at the intersection of 14th and institution. -- constitution. now over andrea. three-quarter of us are on l -ction al dol al registry but that is not stopping some unwanted calls. phone scams are up despite do- not-call registry. lauren ashburn has a look at the numbers and i have told her i'm not going to talk a lot because i would take over her whole segment. >> that is an issue that drives people crazy. you put your name on the do-not- call list. you get home and want your house to be a safe haven and your phone rings off the hook even if your name is on there. we found out why, telemarkers are becoming more predatory and bold in tough economic times and people are falling for
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these scams because they are so strapped economically. one of the things are auto warranties. well, we can help you with that. we can help you with credit card debt. one did a freedom of information request and found the ftc, the federal trade commission which is the organization that oversees the do do-not-call list gets, ready for this, 100,000 complaints a month. >> wow. >> wow. >> all right. they are combative. i have argued. this is my cell phone. give me some help. what do i do? >> i went back and reregistered even. >> i know. a lot of people have this problem, too. here's what you can do. first of all, the federal trade commission for most states is the body that oversees this. go to if you haven't registered to register your number on the do-not-call list. if you have registered it and still get calls like andrea and
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are incensed go to do not that way you can report this. 13 states are not in this federal registry and they have opted out for stricter regulations. one of them is pennsylvania. go to the attorney general's office in that case. one man took these companies to small claims court and won $500 per call. >> wow. >> you can be empowered. you can do something about this, andrea. >> thank you very much. >> our time is 6:20. ahead, a 9th inning furlough at nationals park and bret favre tells us why he is unretired again. blame this on the recession. it has a common theme these days which state is blaming the economy for the first population drop? having the right tools is crucial
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back with the signs of now. a 3 year streak is hard to break but one state is blaming the recession for its first population drop since 1 -- 1946. which state is it, california,
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florida or arizona? the answer is b, florida. 58,000 people moved out. it is the first statewide drop since the end of world war ii. in sports there are could be a change in the national's leadership today. yahoo sports reports jerry could be named asthis the general manager as soon as today he works for the diamondbacks. it would mean the end of the line for acting gm mike rizzo. he has had that job since march. the nats and rockies here at home. top of the ninth, he gets a monster solo home run to center. rockies lead 4-2. that was important because in the bomb of the ninth, two on for guzman and he singles to right. belliard comes in to score. the nats trail by one. the next batter, zimmerman, he hits the first and flies out to left to end the game. nats lose 4-3. bret favre is out of
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retirement again. he signed a deal yesterday with the vikings and wasted no time getting to practice. favre says it just felt right. >> as a lot of friends and family have told me, you won't know unless you take the chance. everyone i have talked to, former, players, coaches, people, they said if you were to go back this is a perfect fit. >> reebok is already cranking out the new favre jerseys. two states two budget problems. ahead what maryland's governor is saying about his state's finances. and in virginia governor kaine calls a special session to order. a preview of what is happening intob@y da richmond. all is a go on y 27th stree and the whitehurst freeway. more shots of live cams coming up. it is a steamy stick did morning out here. we will talk about the storm threat for the afternoon and how hot it will get. it is coming up when 9 news now
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that's a preview of what you will see at wolf trap tonight. it is a multimedia performance,
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music, dancing, movies, photos and more and makes a world premier tonight. ticks start at $10. the show begins at 8:00. thank you for starting your morning with us. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace and he has the weather forecast. >> everything is covered with dew or leftover rain from yesterday. nothing had has had chance to dry out. it is so sticky this morning. keep that in mind as you head out. need extra hair spray. if you go out to wolf trap, take the rain gear. d anmaand maybd, di asdid, as 78 er fredericksburg and patuxent river. 77 cambridge and to the north we have 70s icin winchester and cumbernd 72 frk ic72 and hager reporting 77. a touch of fog in gaithersburg and easton and today looking at
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temperatures 90ish. watch for more storms this afternoon. angie, it is 6:30. how's the commute looking. >> looks like we are tracking one incident on northbound ridge road. this accident at brink blocks all lanes. we will keep an eye on that and let you know when things open up. the outer loop where things are filling out new hampshire to georgia. we are estimating the drive time at five to ten minutes. overall not so bad. this time in virginia taking it to the maps from 95 to 66 to the american legion bridge, realtime sensors showing drivers on average clocking in at a good pace. here's 95 northbound in virginia. no incidents or accidents along the way. we are estimating the drive time between the prince william parkway and lorton at 10 to 15 minutes in the car if you hop on the road right now. over to andrea. we are following breaking news out of baghdad this
6:32 am
morning. at least 58 people are dead following a series of bomb blasts. information coming down in this last hour says there were at least four explosions. one hit near the iraqi parliament in the again zone. 1300 people are hurt. no word if any americans were hurt or killed. we will have more on this at 7:00 on the cbs "early show." >> in five and a half hours, virginia lawmakers meet for a special session. it will focus on a decision that says forensic examiners have to be available in court. this could mean that drunk driving charges are loan out due to a lack of experts. before it begins the governor will reportedly paint an even more bleak financial picture. the associated press reports he will reduce the estimated revenue for the state by $1.3 billion. that will mean even more budget cuts. no comment from the governor's office. things aren't any better in
6:33 am
maryland. governor o'malley is trying to find $400 million to cut. he says everyone will suffer. >> it will come from state agency reductions. it will come from asking state employees to sacrifice once again in terms of furlough days or some other measures and it will also be a portion of it will have to be shared by reductions in local aid at a time that many local governments are struggling themselves. >> reporter: governor o'malley will present his plan for a quarter million dollars in cuts next week in annapolis. now to prince georges county, a plan to use furloughs there to save money is tossed out. digital correspondent, armando trull is live in palmer park with a look at why. >> a federal court has determined that furloughing employees who are under union contract is unconstitutional because essentially it turns those contracts in to toilet paper. that's the ruling from a judge. right now prince georges county
6:34 am
is trying to decide what to do to make up for over $17 million in a budget deficit. portion county was ordered to pay back -- prince georges county was ordered to pay back millions of dollars in wages to firefighter and other union workers who the judge said were illegally furloughed for den days last year. the court ruled they were unconstitutional because they rendered the union's contract meaningless. the county disagrees. we will be filing an appeal to remedy this irresponsible decision says the communications director. the county had warned the union to take the furloughs or face layoffs. the affected union sued in federal court, arguing there were other ways if the county top balance the budget. >> the federal judge did agree there was a surplus of funds that would basically make furloughs unnecessary and layoffs unnecessarily. >> reporter: prince georges county had planned another round of furloughs this year, but in light of the court's ruling it is unclear if it will
6:35 am
institute them. and because of that ruling it also may affect other jurisdictions including the plan by virginia and maryland to institute furloughs because of the ruling that it is unconstitutional to break a contract with a union. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and dc delegate eleanor holmes norton wants to get a first- hand look at the munitions dig s in spring valley. it is happening apt 10:00 morning. you will remember last week the army corps uncovered mustard gas chemicals and halted their work. delegate norton will meet with corps engineer and soon lead a congressional hearing in to the year's long munitions dig. an orange county, virginia woman faces 30 misdemeanor charges after a raid on her farm earlier this month. nancy was taken in to custody after deputies discovered ten abused horses including one which was trapped in a trailer.
6:36 am
deputies discovered the decaying remains on 20 additional horses. one deputy described the scene. >> they were at various stages of decay. various stages of -- some of them had been reduced to bone. i came here in ' 90 with the sheriffs office and this is one of the worst ones i have seen. >> reporter: he is due in court for a hearing this friday. she faces a $2,500 fine and 12 months in jail for each charge. jessica doyle is joining us again. she has some job hunting advice. >> we have heard this before. if you are looking for a job don't put anything on your facebook page that could raise questions, but there are new numbers to back up this morning. our partners at cortpo re5% 4 of report 45% of employers have used m social networking sites to alresearch job candidates. that's a big jump from 22% last
6:37 am
year. now another 11% plan to check candidates out on-line. top places to look, firsrs facebook edfoow llby linked and my space blog and finally twitter. your power bill could be upgog . moin. st doe minutian customers will see their rates go up next year. i will cover the cost of tw new plans. will rise by three dollars in january. winter bills usually cost $108 a month. talk about getting more bang for your buck, buy a car and get an ak-47 assault rifle. only during the month of august. that's right. if you buy a car at max motors in butler, missouri you will get avoucher. it are redeemable for $450 the cost of an ak-47. last year the same dealer gave away vouchers for handguns. the dealer says he also likes the media attention he gets from this. >> okay. >> okay.
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>> all righty. >> giving new meaning to riding shotgun. >> love it. >> jessica, thank you. > wetold > u about day one of a sales career fair yesterday. today is day two. a dozen fortune 500 compie to hire yookat e embassy suits in tysons corner at 8517 leesburg pike. it runs from 9:00 this morning until noon. in the past few years the hpv vaccine was hailed as away to protect young girls from cancer. many school districts made it mandatory. after 23 million doses have been giving out is it working and what are the side effects? a living well report is five minutes away. but first a check on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> a sticky steamy morning. the opening of the arlington county fair running through the 23rd. watch for thunderstorms. this morning you have to watch o at he t at the temperatures you are going to see that the humidity really kept temperatures from dropping this morning. readings in the 70s.
6:39 am
even near 80 teth70s. even near 80 in southern areas. notice down yotoward fredericksburg, 78 degrees, 77 quantico. dulles is at 73. this afternoon, watch out for some thunderstorms here and there. olney 89 and king george 92. angie has the virginia traffic. start with the mixing bowl between 395 and 95, all lanes are flowing nicely. no problems to report out here. taking it over to the tysons corner area. we come to you live from route 7 and 123 and we have zero incidents or accidents along the way and finally invite you to come fly with me over 267 the dulles toll road, heading ebb past the bell waite. no -- beltway. no issues at this time. speaking of time it is time and we will be right back. óç
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even during times like these, there is a light beginning to shine again. it comes from a restaurant downtown. a shop on main street. a factory around the corner. entrepreneurs like these are the most powerful force in the economy. the reinvention of business begins with them. and while we're sure we don't know all the answers, we do know one thing for certain: we want to help. come see what the beat openforum.comkeb@fafa
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back with the living green tip of the day. the average elementary school throws away 18,000-pounds of waste a year. talk to your kids about what they like so you can make what they eat. skip foods that have disposable packaging. pick apples that have die owe degradable wrapping and pack lunches in reusable lunchbox and containers. you can get margie going to click on living green. a living well report. you remember the hype over the ppv vaccine. 23million doses have gone out. we see a study with aned a very affect. >> this 27-year-old say she has a high risk of cervical cancer. the hpv virus is responsible for 70% of cervical cancers worldwide. today she is receiving gardasil , the vaccine that prevents the
6:44 am
hpv virus. >> the vaccination was recommended to me to prevent the soft tissue cancers. >> reporter: but the side effects of the hpv vaccine are a source of controversy. now a new study looks at the adverse event associated with the first 23 million doses dribbed to women in the u.s. >> we didn't find any unexpected findings. >> reporter: the study reported 12,000 health problems after immunization. 772 were serious including 32 deaths. and while that seems like a lot of deaths in this age group, the adolescents an 20 year olds, it really isn't increased above what we have seen with other vaccines in that age group. >> reporter: the study also found a higher amount of fainting and blood clots. >> that doesn't say that the vaccine caused the blood clots. >> reporter: but since cervical cancer is one of the most treatable cancers, many parents
6:45 am
wonder if the vaccine is worth the risk. dr. smith says blood hot clots are one of the most serious risk and should be evaluated ahead of time. >> do a risk assess tment. >> reporter: in barb's case. >> for me it was a necessary city. >> the benefit was clear. cbs fawas clear. cbs news, los angeles. s ngvil elnews at learn how to helurilch over the back geto school jitt fi nd out why a doctor shortage is looming and the best medication for a broken arm is probably medicine cabinet.ur re medicine cabinet. now at well before you go to to read, listen up, here's howard with the forecast. >> a sticky forecast. hello to miss railroad in the chat room at and she wanted a shoutout. hello miss railroad. good morning to you. it is steamy and sticky and will be that way the rest of
6:46 am
the workweek. yesterday was a sticky day with afternoon thunderstorms. i don't see much difference really from today, tomorrow and friday. one day may have more thunderstorms than another. you may see it one or two and not get it the third or so. but pop up and hit and miss stuff. some big ones in anne arundel county where they had three- quarter inch hail yesterday afternoon and carroll county lia malittle tree da ge a warm and this morning. a patch or two of fog up in montgomery county. 70s and 80s. that's right. 80s pretty quickly here. the sun came up 10 minutes ago. partly sunnies and hot and humid. scattered thunderstorms an 90 give or take a couple of degrees with a southwest wind five to ten. tonight a chance of an evening shower or thunderstorm. lows in the 70s. very sticky atmosphere in place. the showers from yesterday you can see them pulling off shore now in the atlantic. relatively quiet but a lot of moisture in kentucky, tennessee
6:47 am
in to west virginia with showers now. some of those could be here later this morning but with the day time heating that's way we think this afternoon holds the most promise for thunderstorms. the time lapse the last few hour and a few clouds out there this morn washington but a lot of breaks, as well. temperature at reagan national 77 degrees. the dew point 70. the tropical air mass is in place and the winds are not tick kicking at all. 78 fredericksburg and 78 at the naval air station in patuxent river and low 70s from frederick at 72 and same with winchester. let's talk fog. up to a mile and a half at the air park in montgomery county. it was at a half mile. this is hurricane bill. an impressive looking storm. thankfully moving this way and not that way because the winds upgraded to 135 miles an hour. that puts it at the category four on the staffer simpson
6:48 am
scale. storms track away from the islands and should track west of bermuda east of the u.s. in to the da quaidian maritimes by late this the weekend. for us maybe big time sees and surf on the beaches and some rip tide. the seven day, not much change through friday. we dry out and cool down and turn nice on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> thank you so much. remember, i'm here to hook you up with a personalized traffic report. find me on facebook, follow me on twitter or on-line. talk about the lights being out in bethesda at the intersection of bradley boulevard or on bradley boulevard between wilson lane and huntington parkway. remember, treat it as a four- way stop. moving along. the outer loop 95 to georgia. a slow go has set in. on inbound new york avenue, tracking the strip through dc, slow from this spot to
6:49 am
bladenburg road. 395, the main stretch below speed is edsall and seminary an give you 66 eastbound from route 50 to 123 we are using the brakes. but things break apart as you approach the capital beltway. over to andrea. a story that is new this morning a birthday present for the hope diamond. while you slept the zit smithsonian announce the jewel will get a new setting. work will start in september. a -- 50 years after the diamond was donated to the museum of natural history. it will stand alone at the museum while the work is being done. there are three designs for the diamond. they want your vote. go to the dc news page. police in the upper region of montgomery county are on the lookout for a fire starting. at this time yesterday morning we told you about a series of hay bale fires in damascus, germantown area. someone set fire a to a dozen
6:50 am
bales of hay and three mailboxes. >> fire can spread to is much more and create so much more damage an you wonder how far are they going to take it? start doing it to homes, more disturbing. >> we feel safe in our neighborhood so something like this is alarming. >> reporter: if you have any information that could help in the investigation. you are asked to call montgomery county police. in sports even a way from the miles high city the rock love the long ball. they nap the nats eight game home winning streak. former washington bullet is now the head coach for the men's team he will sign a five year contract. has been an assist tan coach with the 76ers. the temperature is 77 degrees here in northwest washington. we told you last night about a cracked rail on metro's rail
6:51 am
line. in three minutes learn if the trains are on time today. i'm julie chen. coming up on the "early show," want to save $500 a monday? we will show you three easy steps to help you take charge of your finances and your future. and how you can create the cool itself dorm room on campus as back school early continues coming up on the "early show." @
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a mess to clean up in capital heights, maryland. a tree fell last night on an apartment building along southern avenue. no one was hurt. people are back inside right now. the federal judge told prince georges county the plan to furlough unionized employees is unconstitutional and has ordered the county to pay back millions this lost wages. the county says it may have to layoff workers and plans to appeal the decision. metro say the red line is back up to speed this morning through friendship heights. a cracked rail was found at the station yesterday. crews worked overnight to fix it. it is some sort of sticky out there this morning. we will have temperatures rising in the 80s. 87 by noon. could be a shower by then. better chance of storms and highs an 90 give or take a couple of degrees. angie has a look at the traffic and the seven-day forecast is coming up when 9 9 news now
6:55 am
returns. b@ it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. britney spears was on the late show. the top ten ways that the u.s. would be different under president bit britney spears. >> three words, vice president diddy. and the number one way the country would be different if britney spears were president. >> finally the media would pay attention to me. check out the entire top ten list by going to check out the water cooler page. it leaves me with the traffic report. we -- oops we did it again. a traffic crawl. >> i get it diddy did that
6:59 am
song. >> i still don't get it. >> renovation gap. 270 southbound. live from montgomery village avenue to the loop we are clear. >> britney who? >> finish with virginia 95. slow heading northbound from the prince william parkway to lorton. not so bad. five to six minutes. a steamy sticky morning out there and temperatures an 90 the next few days with mainly afternoon and evening thunderstorm and the air mass is kicked out of here by the weekend. a lot better. sunday, monday an tuesday drier. >> summer is almost over. on wall street we had losses in asia overnight and looking at as much as an 80 point decline on the opening of the bell. tips on saving $500 a monday. coming up a preview of the equestrian show coming back to our area. get news around e clock by visiting us


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